Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia is a tropical country in Southeast Asia composed of only 2 seasons: wet and dry season. As the climate remains constant throughout the year, it is a destination of choice all year round. Do check out the peak seasons when the country is swamp with tourist. We will show you the pros and cons of traveling per season. Recommend destinations for each month.

Seasons and Weather

The climate in Cambodia is dominated by two monsoons: Wet and Dry. Season with temperate ranging from 21C to 35C (70 to 95F). As the country has a different charm in each season, you should plan your visit depending on your reason for traveling or what you wanted to see.

The Wet Season

The wet or cool season runs from May to October. The highest precipitation is during September and October. Occasional showers in the afternoon until early morning can be felt in the region. The temperature can reach as low as 25C during the coldest month. Mornings are generally dry, so you can plan your trip to the temples during this time.


Take advantage of promotional discounts during the off-peak season.
Less crowded in top travel destinations such as Angkor Wat.
Dust is gone and there is lush greenery in the mountain and rice field.


The high percentage of rainfall and some areas might be flooded.
Remote places like Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri are closed to the public due to a potential landslide

Places to visit

Floating village on Tonle sap lake which swells 5x its original size
Angkor Wat and other temples would be less populated. Make sure to bring a raincoat or umbrella to protect you from the rain.


Royal Ploughing Ceremony happens during May to welcome the rainy season and the beginning of the harvest time.
Pchum Ben is held in September until October as Cambodians pay homage to their dead ancestors.
King Sihamoni Coronation Day in October

The Dry Season

Cambodia’s dry season is from November to April. The driest months are from January to February as there is a small percentage of rainfall. By April, it is scorching hot under the sun from early morning to late afternoon. This is the peak season for tourist. Peak temperature at 33–35C.


The roads in Monduiriki and Ratanakiri are at its finest and travel time is shorter.
Enjoy going around the temples and pagodas.

Escape the cold weather in Europe, America and Eastern Asia to the tropical paradise.
Enjoy the sunset in Phnom Bakheng or Pre Rup


Too much crowd in tourist destinations
Prices are relatively expensive
Traffic congestion
Too much heat and the air is humid

Places to visit

Monduiriki and Ratanakiri

The coastal area in Sihanoukville and Koh Rong
Phnom Kulen to swim in the waterfall.
Visit Ta Phrom instead to escape the crowd in the afternoon. It is also a great alternative to watch the sunset.