Cost of living in Cambodia

Cambodia presents a fantastic opportunity for those seeking to live inexpensively. The cost of living in Cambodia is about 30% cheaper than
in the United States and 50% cheaper if factoring in the average price for rent.

Rent and Utilities

Rental costs vary by size and location. Living in the country is an entirely different experience and cost than living in a city center.

A Cambodian style single bedroom apartment far outside a city center can run as low as 250 USD a month. A three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs as much as 1000 USD a month. The average cost per month for a two-bedroom apartment near a city center is around 500 USD.

All the utilities associated with an average apartment, such as an internet connection and electricity, cost around 120 USD a month. Wifi and phone charges average 35 USD per month.


Shopping for food is one of the most pleasurable experiences in Cambodia. Not only is food inexpensive, it tastes wonderful.

Buying food at local markets costs as low as 3-5 USD a day and even less for frugal shoppers who eat the way locals do. Domestic and imported foods are available at grocery stores, but these are more expensive and can double your daily costs.

If you enjoy cooking, it is not difficult to eat well and healthily at 4 USD a day.

Restaurants and Entertainment

The cost of eating out is low. However, the price varies depending upon the type of dining experience desired.

Simple meals at a local market often cost only 1 USD and a full meal costs around 3 USD. The average lunch in a city center is around 5 USD while an excellent dining experience in the evening may cost about 15 USD or higher.

Museums and other entertainments such as movies aren’t as inexpensive as other aspects as the Cambodian economy. A trip to famous temples can cost as much as 70 USD, though average around 40 USD per visit. Watching a movie in the theater typically costs around 5 USD.

Transportation and Travel

Tuk-tuks, motorbikes, buses, and planes are all available for those wanting to travel around Cambodia.

The least expensive mode of transportation is by motorbike or tuk-tuk. For 2-3 USD one can usually be taken anywhere in a city. A one-month bus pass averages 30 USD while traveling between cities costs around 12 USD. Flights within Cambodia cost as low as 30 USD and flights to nearby locations, such as Thailand, Bali, and Vietnam, cost only 100 USD.

Travel costs vary significantly depending on one’s lifestyle, but expect to spend around 150 USD a month if you don’t have your own transportation.

Health Care

It’s essential to budget for healthcare while living in Cambodia. Local prices are inexpensive, but budgeting for emergencies needs considering.

Going to a clinic or a short visit to a doctor is only about 50 USD per visit but can be considerably less. Overnight stays in a hospital average of 100 USD. Insurance for emergency evacuation costs as low as 70 USD a month.

Having insurance for major medical procedures is important since cash is expected to cover all costs if not insured.

The lower average cost of living in Cambodia should not be mistaken for a lower quality of living. Cambodia offers a range of prices and amenities to suit many budgets and needs from 1500 USD a month to, well, as much as you’d like to spend.