Things to do in Cambodia

Cambodia is attracting more and more tourists as they discover the magnificent temples and vivid beaches of this unique country. Cities full of tourism are developing rapidly, but it may still be difficult to travel to more rural areas. Here are things you can do while traveling in Cambodia.

1. World’s largest temple

Angkor Wat is the largest religious temple complex in the world, which has a big historical status and surprises tourists from across the planet with Khmer architecture. One of its most important monuments is the Angkor Temple, which is on the flag of Cambodia and is dedicated to the god Vishnu.

2. The smiling faces in the stone

In the heart of Angkor Thom is a place called Bayon. This mysterious temple has 54 towers decorated with huge facial statues and galleries showing authentic historical and mundane scenes. The expressions of the stone face change depending on the lighting and weather. And here’s an interesting fact – there are no positions in the temple that the eyes of stone cannot see.

3. Sacred hilltop visited by pilgrims

In Cambodia, Phnom Kulen is considered to be a holy mountain, because it is believed that there are roots of the Khmer Empire. In this area lies the sacred sculpture of the recycling Budha, which is very worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage.

4. Valley of a 1000 Lingas

If you prefer something different than temples, Kbal Spean is definitely worthy of your time. It is an ancient archaeological site located in the jungle, which is famous because of a series of stone carvings in the river bed that are tributes to the god Shiva and consist of images of Hinduism. On your path, you could see beautiful waterfalls, but be careful not to lose track of time, because it closes at 3.30 pm.

5. Elephant Sanctuary

If you love elephants and wildlife, Mondulkiri sanctuary offers several tour programs, where you will get a chance to explore natural habitats and traditional culture, learn about elephant care, get close and interact with them, feed them and even wash them in the rainforest pool. You can spend your money to help these lovable animals while having an unchangeable experience!

6. The Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

S-21 was once a high school that was converted to a prison for interrogation and killings. Tourists can sense the contrast between recognizing the building as a school and then seeing the prison cells inside. While keeping in mind that nearly two million people died there, I can’t say this museum is a pleasant one to visit, but it will be life-changing.

7. Glowing planktons at night

last but not least, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, visit Koh Rong, the second-largest island of Cambodia. Long beaches, clear water, no street noise… for some, it is a paradise on earth! At night thousands of stars can be seen together with glowing plankton that appears there as well and fascinates with unforgettable beauty.